Welcome to our newly created humble internet abode. As you can tell, we are not computer savvy, but we sure can make good soap.

We are a group of gals and guy (mom, daughter, two granddaughters, and one grandson) from the middle of nowhere, left past the last corn fields, and around the river bend, to right here (in Emma, Illinois). We have been a crafty (pardon the pun) family for many years doing a variety of crafts including wood crafts, drawing, sewing, gardening, painting, cooking, and the making of the best darn bath products around (well that’s our opinion anyway and we personally test every batch). It’s a tough job taking all those baths, but somebody has to do it.

Take a look around our web place and you are sure to find something you’d like to try.

Thanks from all of us,

Kathy (Age-Too old to tell), Tracy (Minus 20 years but still not telling), Kirsten (17), Audrey (12), and Nick (10) at Soap Suds Galore and More…